Laudrup v Novo

Which goal was best?

  • Laudrup

    Votes: 191 90.1%
  • Novo

    Votes: 21 9.9%

  • Total voters
Laudrup for me

wee nacho’s goal will always be remembered but was day found out my missus at time was expecting our first child wanted to call him Nacho after that lol

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is it the best goal, or as some posters are saying “ it won , first win, meant something else”?


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Laudrup all day long

Never noticed the real kick of a bounce the ball takes before the finish too, could so easily have put him off


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Laudrup all day. The touch on his chest on the move is sublime.

A shame, as the Novo goal was my first OF game at that dump. Douglas dropped a clanger from a Vignal shot too.

Is that Larsson that Nacho shrugs off? The %^*& was he doing back there? :D


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Laudrup for me too although the wee man's goal is a cracking face. I can rmember being at primary school and writing a poem about that semi final for a class project.