Lawrence out until at least March

Mark waller is badly missed. Our injury rate was very low with him. Injury prevention and risk assessing are things which happen in proper high performance sport teams. Our present team of a GP and an orthopaedic doctor are way off.

A change in physio hasn’t helped either.
I am sick of this, get rid of the entire medical staff now. This is beyond a fucking joke now, it's no longer a coincidence.
Something very far from right with this depth, they need to go.

Out until March? Has "will be like a new signing for the new season" written all over it.

I seriously doubt we see him again this season.
Regardless what the club have said I tend to take it all with a pinch of salt. Wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see him back until March.
The thing with the injury is though, H&H have said there is no setback, notice a time line on his injury isn’t forthcoming, we are into December soon, wouldn’t surprise me in slightest if it’s Feb/March before Lawrence is back.
For all those doubting RR, Chris Jack has been privy to some inside info before, he literally was the first hack to say Gio had been sacked.
Dare I say it, but if it turns out to be BS it sounds awfully like the attempted and successful outing of a suspected mole

Or the club via h&h are playing it down and are at it
Nobody's confirmed that he's not not out until around March, just that he's not had a setback.

But he posted on social media that he can't wait to play at Ibrox again, within the last week. Why would he be doing that if he was still 5 months away from playing!? Doesn't make much sense to me.