Lawrence Shankland


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Let him go to Sunderland, if he has a poor season there we should snap him up.


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Let’s face if the tims made that level of signing we’d pish ourselves laughing at them. For Shankland see Nicky Clarke. They are welcome to him.
Maybe a lot will laugh but i wont, young lad, low wages, bear, smashing them in from all angles.... i think ignoring or writing him off as he aint foreign enough is a mistake.

The we sign him and they win the league, they sign him and we win the league, carry on seems a bit daft to me he would be a reserve/sub for both teams probably start cup games or when theres injuries. Not a bad sub to bring in though the boy can finish theres no doubt about it.


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If this is the level the tarriers are looking at then happy days indeed. The lad had a decent spell in the Championship I feel he would be another Nicky Clark.


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I have absolutely no idea if he is good enough.

But FF must have the best scouts in the world, who either watch a lot of complete championship games, or can judge a player on 10min highlights.
Or maybe they just check a stats site and base it on goals to games ratio and what league he plays in?

I repeat, I do not know whether he is good enough and actually, as well as the majority on here I would be intrigued and excited if we were linked with Lorenzo Shanklidzo from Eerste Divisie.


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Not sure if they've offered him a contract, but he has been invited down this week to view houses, and look around local amenities.
Well that is has been reported appeared in the Scottish Sun and picked by both the Chronicle and Echo 3 days ago

As we know newspapers can be unreliable at times


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he could turn into their version of MOH, imagine him sat with the bears at Hamden watching us fist them over in the cup final, be a few bernadettes getting black eyes that night
Even though Lawrence is a massive bear I'm sure he would have the brains not to get pictured sitting with the rest of the family in the Rangers end. They bastards would smash his windows and car up if he was pictured. I'm sure we don't have to worry about that though as he wouldn't sign for they scumbags


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I’m probably in the minority but I really hope we take him on as 4th choice striker as he’s low wages no fee and could end out doing something for us , if not then no great loss of money


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I will probably be in the minority here, but a poacher who knows where the net is will be valuable to any team in the dying moments of any games. I’d have him as a cheap back up option.