Lawwell poodle Matthew Lindsay scraping the dregs from the barrel


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Sheffield United wouldn't be bottom if it wasn't for their fatal flaw of not being able to win football matches. Could you imagine media from any other country write an if your aunty had balls article? Even Marca and El Mundo with the 2 Spanish giants?


essex bear

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They were 0-1 up in both away games to Killie and St.Mirren but struggling to finish the games off.
Step forward Clancy and Roberston respectfully to give them non existent penalties .
Funny how the so called journo never mentioned that.


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Not having any fans cheering them on from the stands because of the pandemic immediately put them at a disadvantage too.

F.uck off with this pish!
Liverpool fans on TalkSport last night saying they've suffered the most. No we've suffered the most from putting up with their insufferable arrogance.
We all watch the EPL and Liverpool is like a library at times, as is Ibrox and the midden. They think they have special powers, ah but on Euro nights under the floodlights...on those nights grounds all over Germany, Holland, Govan, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, France are all rocking.

Entitled, insufferable cunts

Porto Loyal

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I've heard 'cause Julieanne was injured is why we are so bad at set pieces' from the same people who hailed Duffy as the set piece master


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Mmmmm, excuse me waiter? I think I’ll skip the starters and go directly to the intravenous injection of tarrier pain please for the main course, thank you.

Oh, and to drink? Yes, I’ll have a large bottle of those tarrier tears as well please to wash this pain down.


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Why would having no fans in the stadium be a disadvantage when every other club was the same...? fuckin dafty ....


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That's beyond embarrassing!

His next in depth insight should be about how if killie had won all their games they'd be champions!

Nothing but a fluff piece for a few sheckles no doubt.


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So if they took away all the goals they conceded from set pieces, kept all the goals they scored from set pieces and the goals we conceded from set pieces, they would be slightly better off but still miles behind in the league?

Blue 9

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He's got a point.
Since when did defending set pieces have anthing to do with football.
Its unfair to penalise the stinkies just because they're shite at it.


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Complete guff from Matthew Lindsay. Every team that's played football since the game started would have got better outcomes if they had defended efficiently at corners and other set pieces. Basically what Lindsay is saying is that if this or that hadn't happened or they'd done this or that better then their outcomes would have been different. My response to Mr Lindsay is that old Glasgow phrase used by some cynics- "If yer auntie had baws she'd be yer uncle"!


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Straight from the off:

" their momentum was disrupted when Holyrood requested that two of their games were postponed..."

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Presumably we can do the same with our draws...?
That will be one of the rearranged games where St.Mirren had to get an emergency goalkeeper because their own three were self isolating but it's only ra sellic who suffer!!!!!!


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How the fck do people manage to make a wage out of writing this inane pish? Honestly, must be the easiest job in the world.

They'd be doing better if they weren't shite at defending? What fcking insight!

If it's not stuff like this, they're literally making up transfer rumours to fill their pages.


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Quote” Not having any fans cheering them on from the stands because of the pandemic immediately put them at a disadvantage too.

” have I missed something!!


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I find it fascinating that there is zero on the rise of Rangers from the depths despair to where we are today. The press would rather focus on the failure of them. It almost a bit of deflection to try and take the shine off of our achievement. How can the failure of a bunch of diddies be a bigger story. But there you go.


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The best part is that the most generous turnaround he can give them is to be 7 points behind us with 8 games left to play.

Then it occurs to me that these arrogant clowns STILL fancy themselves to beat us in BOTH Old Firm games.

For a bunch of lads obsessed with Rangers they don't appear to have watched us very much this season.

Given our form would anyone be surprised if we won 8 out of the remaining 8? I certainly wouldn't.
Maybe we'd drop a few points but so would they so...?

Plus, they were doing quite well until we beat them at Parkhead?
Seven consecutive wins?

Almost as if getting beat by us introduced a bit of self doubt and then they crumbled as we kept on winning.

Remember, at Ibrox on the 2nd they had a chance to get the lead back down to 4 points and after giving us trouble for 25 minutes they lost faith and we took all 3 points. Cue another loss of confidence and loads of points dropped.

It would be easier for them to just admit that we have improved year on year since Gerrard arrived and now we are reaping the rewards. Too bad they'll never allow themselves to do that.


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If there was a role reversal and Rangers had the same backdrop, would this journalist be bringing out the biggest book of excuses ever and spin to the story line?...No chance!


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So what he's basically saying is "If they hudnae uv scored, we'd huv won!" B-D B-D


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How exactly did not having fans in put them at a disadvantage? I keep hearing this regurgitated pish. No-one had fans in, worldwide! Surely that’s the very definition of everyone being in the same position!?


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Couldn't be bothered reading after a line or 2. Can sum it up as "Baffult". Just another SSB greetin, hurted Tarrier.

Come on down, Matthew. Juuuuuuuuuump.


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"If they had dealt with the dead ball deliveries and throws into their penalty box and just outside their area more effectively they would be just seven back with two meetings with their city rivals to come in their final eight Premiership outings. Leagues have been won from far worse positions"

Can't believe that was actually published
:)) :)) :))


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The insane thing is that it has taken them until Sunday to realise they canny defend crosses and the the best thing is that Neic doesn't know why.


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"Not having any fans cheering them on from the stands because of the pandemic immediately put them at a disadvantage too."

No club has had fans cheering them on therefore Celtic have not been disadvantaged.

It is difficult to comprehend that someone was willing to put thier integrity and intelligence to one side to write this nonsense.