League Cup Final Player By Players Ratings - from the Press

mark hateley

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They won but some of our stats are not the way I saw it.

We outplayed them in every department but couldn't score.

10 shots on target to their 1.

Forster was MOTM no doubt about it. He will never play another game as good.


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Laughable. They were battered for 90 mins and got lucky with an off side goal.

Had Alfie’s penalty been converted, we’d be looking at 4-5 for each and every scum player.


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Not quite sure what game the sun was watching! Even Lennon & Sutton admitted Celtic were outplayed, but apparently not the suns match summariser. Surely that alone should disqualify him from ever having that responsibility again. Obviously knows nothing about football.


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Why can't they rate players based on their actual performances instead of the result? Callum McGregor is untouchable to a large section of the press. For a "£30m" man, that is 3 times now in a year he has been part of a Celtic midfield who have been utterly overran but he still has a reputation which puts him above reproach when it comes to the player ratings.
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Ardoyne RSC

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Thank Christ I wasn't watching the same match as those Stevie Wonder impersonators. I would have been suicidal about how we were hammered by the wonderful Celtic team.


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Morelos was a constant threat to the Celtic defense. He was unlucky not to score, the only thing he did wrong was hit a poor penalty. Should get a 7/10 for anyone who knows anything about football.

Mustang mad

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Genuinely dunno where to start.
How any celtic player other than their keeper could even get a 7 is beyond me.
Scott brown - anonymous apart from upending morelos in the box - 7?????lol


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The Evening Tims one is the only one remotely close to reality.

The rest of these pishstained hacks must've been making these up and laughing at us from the depths of some London Rd tarrier slophouse.


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Is there something I’m missing with the Chimpanzee (Christie) ?

If you listened to the media cheerleaders he has you’d think he was the heir to Zidane. I’ve never seen him look remotely like anything more than a jobbing plodder who dives as soon as someone is near him.

It’s laughable that he’s being lined up as the next big ‘talent’ to be courted by all and sundry down south. An overrated donkey


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I couldn't get through the ratings I was choking on laughter.
I don't give a fck how often you send these people to watch football matches, if you have the mind of a monkey then no amount of experience will increase your understanding or illuminate your insight.
Quite simply most of these journalists don't understand the game that they are watching.

One has Morelos at a 5, whilst awarding the two opposition centre-halves higher figures with comments that they both had trouble containing Morelos all afternoon.
Which they did, in fact, they never managed to do so and it was only their goalkeeper that saved their deserved blushes.


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Goodson cant keep dropping us in it. Gave away stupid free kick then missed the header from the cross. It's the same culprit every other week . Alfredo had an off day but only real threat we had. Who's helping him?