Lee Wallace signs for QPR


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I hope it works out for him I really do just find it a bizzare move he's barely kicked a ball and goes to play in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe


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Good luck to him and I hope it works out well for him and his family.

I think he'll struggle in that league though.


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Just bumped into him arriving at Edinburgh airport. Took the opportunity to thank him and wish him well. Deserves our respect and gratitude.
Excellent mate. I’ve nothing but respect for Lee and he’ll be an ex-player that’s always welcome back at Ibrox once his playing days are over.


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Good luck to him. I’m happy with that after the murmurs that Dundee Utd we’re trying to sign him.


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Deserves a new challenge and I wish him nothing but success and an injury free spell. Wallace is a top pro and player (and man) that I have much respect for. Conducted himself very well as a Rangers captain in difficult times and I include whatever he said in the dressing room after that semi final at Hampden in that, as I’m sure he just said what all of us at the game were thinking at the time. I don’t know what he said of course, but I’m fairly confident I would have agreed with it :cool:


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Best wishes to him. It will be quite a challenge for him I’d imagine but he’s got the strength of character to make a go of it.