Leeds v Derby play-off semi final 2nd leg - ko 7.45pm


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would have enjoyed seeing a Bielsa side in the EPL but this looks done now.
Izzy Brown, who came on for Leeds just now, was on loan at Brighton a while back and looked excellent for half an hour. Then his hammy went and he was barely seen again. Sounds like his team at Leeds has gone the same way. Tidy player but made of wafers.


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Between tonight and our game on Sunday, I am absolutely shattered:))

Feel for Leeds, my mother and half my family are Leeds born and bred. But Derby is my English team and I am absolutely bouncing. Bring on the Villa.



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Has a soft spot for Derby since Ted McMinn testimonial, that and big fan of Lampard, delighted for them.

It's also what we love about football, whatever your opinions on spygate this sport has a habit of seeing storylines complete and here we have Derby and their ultimate revenge.


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What a great game, does anyone know the comentators were? Makes such a change listening to good commentary willing both teams on rather than the biased agneda driven pish we need to listen to up here.


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Bielsa teams seem to have a habit of running out of steam.
I read an analysis of his style and it emphasised that although it can be very successful it has an enormous physical impact on players.

Hindsight of course but you’d have to question whether it was wise to employ such a strategy in a potential 50 match league season.