Left v Right footed players?


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We have signed 8 players and on a quick look only Jones and Davis are right footed. Is this accidental or are there some tactical implications?


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I'd imagine they were aware of this when scouting and signing them.

We didn't have many left footed options last season so it's good to get some balance on that front.


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The balance of the team is important. Having players being able to play forward off their strongest foot is key to tempo, rather than having to turn back the other way and play a dead pass.

Can’t wait for the season to start.


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We needed more left footed players in the team. There were a number of matches last season where we didn't have one on the pitch.

There's some science to suggest left footed players have a bit of an advantage as well, especially in the attacking sense.


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Wingers and full backs are we're it is most important imo we clearly want goals from more of our wingers which is why we have left footers likes Ojo and Hastie on the right and Jones, Murphy etc on the left allowing them to cut in on their favoured foot and shoot more often look at Ojos two goals so far and this in turn allows Barisic and Tav to be the main crossing threats from wide areas we do lose that with Flanagan at Left back as he isn't gonna whip one in on a plate with his left but you could argue he gives us more solidity defensively


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