Lennon blames Boli for Champions League exit


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"They done it once "we benefited" we cant do it again because "we" wont benefit this time!"

That's what the whole piece is about. Remember it was that unsatisfactory they called for the title on 12th march, before any lockdown.
Bullseye- that’s the whole point. Watch it change If they get back to the top...


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He is an absolute snake.

You can't imagine any of their players actually respect the jakeball.

It's absolutely on us to keep the pressure up on them because he's quick to launch his players under the bus to mask his own inadequacy.

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I know they are deluded but surely that terribly poor excuse won't wash with the rabid hordes?
What a joke of a club, and their media friends for putting it out.

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He’s always the same. When they do something good, he can’t wait to take the plaudits for his tactical genius. When they do something bad, find a scapegoat or throw the team under the bus.

An absolutely shite manager with a total lack of self awareness and massively inflated ego that is constantly fed by a compliant press.


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Not much wrong with what he's said there, but I didn't really expect anybody to bother reading beyond the headline :))
In the paper the sub headline was that Boligoli cost them 2 warm up games but how will those 2 teams react to being seen as warm-up cannon fodder for TBFTE ? Will the players give that we bit extra to prove that they are not just there for the convenience of Celtc ? Personally I doubt it.


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Nearly spat out my dinner last night. Ronnie Charters banging on during the news about how Celtic have the best testing facilities in Scotland. Just a shame they can’t keep their players in Scotland.
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