Lennon Gone, now confirmed, Kennedy Interim Manager.


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On the one hand, losing him as manager of that shower is annoying. But Scotland as a whole will be better without his permanent meanspiritedness, selfishness and bigotry. And think of our TV screens not plastered with his ugly coupon. Yes, I’m ok with his departure.

Can’t wait to see the brave one disintegrate also. Looking forward to this.


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On the plus plua side.

Kennedy :)) (I've already said that I know but it's fkn hilarious)

Also, he's either walking away with a tidy 52 weeks of wages in his hip flask or they will be making his final wage payment in 52 weeks time!

rangers for life

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The real reason for sectarian tensions in Glasgow over the years was down to him and O'Neil in my opinion and Celtic have had guys such as Liam Brady etc in charge and it was only about the football and beating your rivals and "Glasgow bragging rights"

I hope he leaves Scotland but the damage has been done in regards to their support and if he was not in any way officially connected to Celtic you just know he would be in bars such as The Brazen Head and in full support of everything that the Green Brigade stand for.

It should be forever pointed out as much as we win 55 that HE lost the 10 :)


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Bullets in the post?

Sectarian abuse?

The cancer of Scottish football deserved every single bit of it. The fact that we’ve reduced him to an unemployable wreck is just utterly fulfilling.

High Heedyin

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Bet he waived a big pay off too so he doesn‘t have to suffer the embarrassment of us clinching 55 at their midden, wee fanny. B-D

Mustang mad

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The huge shit eating grin j have been wearing since Sunday night has just been downgraded to a big grin.

Shitehawk lennon


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On a serious note, why now?

After the number of disasters he's been behind (Ferencvaros, us at Parkhead, Sparta Prague x2, Ross County x2), why now?


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They should never be allowed to rewrite this history. A man they all knew has mental problems being hounded day and night. Driven to the brink by his own “fans” who had spent years showing faux concern every time his name was mentioned negatively. Absolute sham of a support and klub.
True colours always shine through. Excellent to have seen them collapse like this from top to bottom

stonewall Jackson

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Get him to fuxk....the most obnoxious and poisonous rat bastard to ever disgrace Scottish football. He will be tormented by his failures this season and I hope they haunt him till the day he's in his box.it looks as if Broon is being made now to watch us win 55 on his tod.

colonel yum yum

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Gazing into my crystal baws his departure statement will go along the lines of... Bullied, singled out, treated differently, affecting mental well-being. The victim in all of this. They'll be Trawling social media right now to find some daft 12 year old who's swore at him to use as the final straw.


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I hope it's acrimonious and he comes out swinging.
We've not only won the title, crushed their very being, destroyed childhoods, made a mockery of every 'success' they've had up to failing the Terry Munro, enshrined the Lisbon liars never seeing Terry Munro song into being a Rangers classic but we've also hurt them so badly that Liewell, Lennon, Brown, Griffith's are all away...all gone by the summer B-D