Less Than 100 Games but Fondly Remembered


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Bobby Watson 79 (7) (1964-69)
A great servant for Rangers during difficult times.
Even when he was not a regular, he always seemed to get the nod for the Celtic games, usually at the expense of a Willoughby or the likes.
Watson faced Celtic seven times in his Rangers career, and was only ever on the losing side once,
in that ridiculous 66-67 League Cup Final, that Rangers were well and truly robbed of, when Watson scored a perfectly good goal, that to this day some 55 years later, I know not why.

Steve Snedden

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Jim Stewart.

Outstanding in a poor team when he first signed.

Outstanding in the 1981 SC Final. (the 0-0 game, not the replay0.


Daniel Candeias
Alan Hutton
Jean-Claude Darcheville
Pedro Mendes

Was only 9 or 10, but really enjoyed watching Jeremy Clement strut his stuff at Ibrox. Looked the part.

Left field, but Haris Vuckic put smiles on the faces of bluenoses at a time when we didn’t have much cause for optimism.

CD Bear

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Kenny Watson
Maurice Johnston
Alex Ferguson
Charlie Miller
Orjan Persson
Dale Gordon
Kevin Drinkell
Ronald Waterreus
Stewart Kennedy
Martin Henderson
Graham Fyfe
Gregor Stevens


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Iain McDonald, only played 14 games for us until he was battered by injury caused by Chris Shevlane of Hibs. A young player of great potential robbed of a great future

erskine bear

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Before my time, but heard Alan McLaren spoken about in a good way (future captain etc) & it seems he has less than 100 appearances.

So he can be added I reckon.