Let’s talk about hagi


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I think it's worth considering the age aspect for sure. The reality is that it will get little favour for him with our support - that's just how it is at Rangers. You're either good enough or not and who gives a fck how old you are. If you wear the jersey you meet the level or fck off.

It's harsh and unfair in rational terms, but it is what it is.

What will matter is his character. His toughness.

Take a look at Morelos. Similar age and has had the support in his back pocket from early on (even with the odd doubter/critic of course) but you look at the simple fact he is such an arrogant wee c@nt. He's the better player for it. Pressure? Fck you. A guy who won't roll over or be timid. Every game is a fight, even to the point where he is guilty of it spilling over into frustration and red mist if he's on an off game.

Bottom line is he's never been the shrinking violet because he's like this wee street-wise, confident and determined boy who is driven on by the pressure. A good fit for our type of club and demands in that sense.

We've seen a lot of very talented and skilfull young players come here and do little because they didn't have that kind of heart.

If Hagi manages to get that bit right, there's no question of his ability with the ball. Hoping or expecting the support to change is a waste of time and energy. The player building up that mindset will be the difference. He couldn't ask for many better men to manage him in that respect.

tottie beck

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The boy is young and far from the finished article. I think we need to accept that despite what he cost he should not be guaranteed a start. We now have more options up front and Hagi needs to earn the shirt the same as everyone else.

I believe we signed him as much for the future as for the present, so if he has to sit out for spells while his game matures that's not exactly a disaster.


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Said it the other day but for me when Roofe is 100% fit I can’t see Hagi being first pick for wide right unless we change our formation.

No neck Forrest gets 10-15 goals a season from a similar position that’s really what we need during the winter months when it’s not about silky football but just winning.


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He was poor tonight. He hasn't been in good form this season so far, but we know that he has the ability. He has to improve or he'll lose his place.


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I counted ten times he gave the ball away tonight

he does some good things but by god he is frustrating to watch

great win onwards and upwards
To be fair to him- every time I saw him he was getting clattered - hes a good one hes still getting used to playing farmers


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He will get better, he has the skill and worth ethic I think he needs a bit of time to find his feet in the team. I think he should be rested for the livi game though. I'd probably go with Kent Aribo and Alfie with Arfield in with Jack and Kamara.


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Why, just why would anyone want to start a thread like this?
The boy didn't play a blinder tonight but he showed some real flashes of brilliance.
This is what we've come to expect on FF at times though, there's always someone who wants to suck all the pleasure out of a decent result.
It's becoming ridiculous. Are we so conditioned to shit times that we dont know how to be pleased at a win?

Hagi hasn't had the best start but he's a young lad in a new country in the strangest times. No fans home or away, repeated health testing. It must all make an impression on some. If he's still the same at the end of the season then maybe we should have this thread but three games in, three games we won then it's just silly.


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A few of us on here tried to point this out when people were claiming he was some sort of world class prospect, score 20 goals etc

He’s massively inconsistent and has more bad moments than good. There’s a reason we got him so cheap. He was basically anonymous for most of our games last season but it’s sacrilege to criticise him on here

Said at the time of him signing that he’ll be this seasons Kent. A player who plays good in flashes but not the type who can be relied upon every week


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Not the best night for him but don’t see why we’d pick it apart after a 3-0 win. He’s a player who will develop further, but his range of passing and his vision will be pivotal for us.

He might not be the fastest or most combative but he does not hide and he keeps going. Link up okay is great and he carries a goal threat.


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He'll be fine.

The current structure of the midfield is not helping him one bit in terms of fluidity and tempo.


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Some people obviously haven’t played real 11s football. It takes more than a few games to get match fitness and your touch. Can’t just expect players to come back from months off and be 100% right away. Give the whole team a break, we’ve played well and it won’t be long until we’re right up to speed. The good thing about this break for the scum is while we should be playing at 100% they’ll still only be 60/70%


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Genuinely shocked people thought he was poor tonight. He’s only player in our team who makes those 1st touch passes and links the midfield and attack, almost came off a few time for him. He’s going to drift in and out of games, as players if his type do. Worrying that people can’t see what he brings to the team and he’ll only get better.
He's playing like many of us said he does. Talented but irrational at times and fades out of games. Not sure why this is a shock. Just because online personas say he is a £15million player doesn't make it so.


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He was awful and will not stay in the starting line up with performances like that. Can you imagine on here if Andy Halliday had turned the ball over as many times.
Massive improvement needed.


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He tries things that sometimes don't come off but let's remember he's still a young player and will develop and get better and oncs he's adapted to Scottish football will be a star imo.

He will make us a fortune in future fee.


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Has been off it since the season start,poor touch tonight and by god he is slow.
Hopefully being young and taking time to settle ,he can be the player we need in the 10 role,for Hagi read Barisic maybe


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Showed some good flashes, but after a couple of mistakes he started trying too hard which compounded things.
No concerns for me, will be a great player who I expect to be in the POTY running.


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Yes let's,

Boy has bags of talent, picks out passes and flicks others dont even see, draws fouls gets up and demands the ball time and time again, excellent attitude and team ethic work rate.

I back the lad 100%

Threads like this, and the other one on him few days ago, almost make me glad we have no supporters in stand moaning at him btw

And yes, did lose the ball a few times. Had a few poor touches and got slightly frustrated at himself. But again continued to demand ball, win fouls, link up and almost scored a wonderful goal at the end.


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Wasn't his best game but he worked his arse off and dropped in and out of the game at times. The boy will give us more ups than downs this season....... oh and we won 3-0 btw!!!


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Poor run of form since the start but has shown he is a good player. He will start to deliver again but the positive is with new arrivals we aren’t reliant on any of our attacking players as we have options.


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Guy never hid, wanted more and more of the ball as the game went on. Maybe trying too hard at time. It will come for him if he keeps going. Although I expect Arfield may play instead of him on Sunday
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