Lets not forget Killie

They were a shower of horrible bastards led by that lady's front bottom Clarke when he had his 5 minutes of fame. On the pitch acting the big man.

Good memories from rugby park when we won the title. Apart from that and the Killie pie, they can %^*& off.


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I have a Killie supporting pal for over 60 years now. He actually believed that they would have got relegated last season if league hadn't been called. They were in free fall then, even worse now. I think it'll be between them and Accies.


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Would prefer Motherwell

But whoever goes down (not sure if play offs will happen ), will struggle to get back up as the financial tsunami of no fans this year will impact heavily

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Can't share the hatred for Motherwell on here.
Get Hamilton as far away from the top flight as possible.
But there would be some humour in Kilmarnock going down.
They are in real danger as well, in a dreadful slump at the wrong time.


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I'll be honest in saying that I don't care enough about them to have any sort of excitement of them going down.

There are a few clubs that would happily see go down.

Collectively its just the hurt of many supporters across the whole of the league which I'd like to inflict pain on.....in an ideal world every club that voted against us or helped with the agenda of Dundee united and that lot.

The list is to long for who I'd like to go down to inflict most pain.

If talking pitch wise and the fact that we do tend to struggle there then its a win on that front along with any hurt on their board who didn't think they needed our money taking 50% of our allocation away.