Lewis Morgan


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Does he start for them? Did he take much part in the game last night?

Surely the way they were set up and the comedy of errors at the back cost them?


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Mhank in my work did say he looked miles out of his depth.

To be fair, they have said that about quite a few of their players over the years.


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How is work today anyway?

I travel from site to site in my line of work and there seems to be a lack of urgency with some folk who are usually boisterous :rolleyes:

Funny that.
Am backshift but ones in there last night were silent, see the dayshift ones later (if they trapped) :)


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I have seen him in the last few matches they played and he runs about with a growler all game and is absolutely pish, he has fallen over the ball about 7 times in those games, hit some weird slice shots that have gone out for throw in's, comedy gold watching him and Boli


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I watched the Sunderland play off against Charlton and wasn't overly impressed by him. As severla people have pointed out he wasn't a regular in an English 1st division side. I felt he'd gone backwards from the little I'd seen of him previously. Celtic's loss yesterday however was due to more than one person.

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They actually play this wee fanny instead of Sinclair who ain’t the best player in their squad but usually pops up with goals. Keep up the good work Lennon you stinking bastard
I imagine Sinclair wants away now that Rodgers has left, bit strange he didn't go back down south in the window just there imo.


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I really don’t get these guys from rangers families that go there as a “senior” player, by that I mean not just in youth development but trying to challenge for a first team place.

This especially true of guys from Glasgow or thereabouts. Guess though he’s young and realistically for the past 8 years has watched them clean up and get success it must be alluring, particularly the wages and if you’re also a bit of a soft lad can stay close to home, friends and family.

For me however all I see is a rancid despicable company who have created a footballing organisation that behind the scenes not only flagrantly encouraged the abuse of minors but, front of house in order to garner the brainwashed support of their fans have fawned to a misty eyed past of belonging to the Irish diaspora whilst promoting a proscribed terrorist organisation. This, not to mention their obvious anti Semitic tendencies.

It truly is a vile place to work and do business and that’s before you get to their scummy fans!


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He looks poor along with Magic Johnstone.

The only thing magic about him is he disappears during games.

Bring on the 1st.
I really hope Lennon persists with Johnston and he plays on the 1st. He's played 2 games against us, touched the ball about 3 times and gave away the foul that lead to Tavernier's goal.


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Remember the criticism Mark Allen was getting for not going in for Morgan who many said was "an absolute must"?

We'll never know how he'd have developed with us, but it's yet another example of a seemingly talented Scottish youngster not being able to step up. That seems to happen more often than not.