Limited Edition Ibrox Gates – Officially Licensed Metal Artwork


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OK but it’s not a film over it. It is noticeable obvious scuffs.

and that was not helpful.

I hadn't seen it , you said it looked like a film, I was trying to help you out just incase because yours is the only one mentioned here and it said it was painted on the website , any way, let's not derail the thread anymore .


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Only bought mine the other day, but not in any rush. Would rather it came a day the Mrs was at work... ha ha


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Looking fwd to it arriving.

Luckily seen the other messages on other thread in here and seen you can request an edition number.

Got in there quick, before it was too late.
Yeah I missed the chance so I’m 146 - I’ll need to move house or something lol


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Got mine today too, 200 edition, nice round number, even though didnt ask for it. Anyway, well chuffed, great addition to the blue man cave.