Lineker takes a cut !


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I wouldn't grieve just yet for Gary as his other 2 contracts with crisps and BT will still bring in the spondoolis.

Aye, nice work if you can get it.


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Serious question, but why are tv presenters paid so much?
It's the going rate. If the BBC dont compete all these people will just go to commercial channels and you'll have bivalves like Jim Spence presenting MOTD and Timmy Mallet doing Ken Bruce's show.


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But he is still the BBC's highest presenter on around £1.3m a year , value for money ?
Not !
Haha guy takes a pay cut, still people not happy.
Guy takes a refugee into his gaff, still not happy.

No one will ever be happy eh!

Maxi 4

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Linekers up there with Ferdinand at the top of my hate list ad take a baseball bat to the pair of them

lou riccios chipshop

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There’s no reason for BBC employees to be paid what they are. Linekar and the guests are certainly not the reason anyone watches MOTD.

It should be a breeding ground for new, up and coming talent to showcase themselves. Cheaply.
That's exactly what I was going to say.
Don't care about the presenters. It's the football content.
Same with the news in the morning. Think they're big shots but I couldn't care. As long as they speak properly I'm fine.
Except Carol Kirkwood. BBC will be dead to me if she ever leaves.


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Personally I’m far more enraged by the amount that useless cūnt Ball takes out of our pockets. Useless, vapid arsehole.


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Serious question, but why are tv presenters paid so much?
Is there one person who wouldn’t watch motd if they changed the presenter to boutros boutros ghali?
I'd actually watch MOTD if they got rid of him & the guests. How good would a highlights only show be

Rich Uncle Skeleton

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The Aberdeen audience is probably larger to be fair. Never heard of 6 music, no idea what type of music it plays and no idea on how to get it.


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Couldn't believe Shearer is getting about £350k. He's not even on half the time.
Saw the article about this on the lunchtime news and the analyst said they could likely all get more with a commercial station.


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How magnanimous of him him! As for Zoe Ball and her ilk, Just what can they do, other than talk about their so called celebrity friends, and of course self promotion .


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I’ll be honest this is something we all gave a moan about but I’m clueless of how you value these people. It’s the same as footballers in many regards as so many of them seem overpaid for what they do
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