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Any people parking in Stanley park car park? It looks like it closes at half nine in the evening does that car park close as well?


Correct- I had an address in England (Kent) to bypass their restrictions that they won’t sell to anyone from away teams country of origin - this was ok

The transaction (48 hours after ordering) got cancelled because the bank billing address that payment was taken from was registered in Scotland. They stated this constituted a breach of uefa guidelines.
Ah well we’ll be fooked then


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For those organising buses down to this, how are you sorting drop off / pick up locations?

I've got us getting dropped off / picked up in the city centre tomorrow as most will not have tickets for the game (only half a dozen do). So thought it be pointless having the bus at Anfield or in that area.
We’re getting dropped off at the Liverpool one wall st and picked up there too 10 mins walk from coyotes

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Please note: If you are not attending this match and have transferred your ticket, please forward this on to those attending.

Liverpool FC’s UEFA Champions League fixture against Rangers on Tuesday 4th October kicks off at 8PM. Please prepare for the match, plan your route to the stadium in advance and arrive early to make the most of the pre-match build up.

We want your experience at Anfield to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible, so we’ve pulled together a handy hub of information to help prepare for match-day. Full details can be found here: Liverpool FC — Anfield


Plan your route in advance
. Please use public transport when travelling to Anfield, for more information about the available transport options, including express matchday bus services and more information on road closures around the Stadium please click here.

Anfield Stadium is located in a residential area with a residents parking scheme in operation. Please DO NOT park on residential streets as parking enforcement will be in operation. Any illegally parked cars will incur a fine.


Fans are advised to arrive early at the stadium to allow enough time for necessary security checks.

We operate a no bag policy at Anfield stadium and there is no bag storage facility. Small A5 or smaller bags carrying hygiene products and / or medicines or Club shop bags carrying purchases from the retail store are the only exception. Those bags permitted will be subjected to a bag search on entry point. For more information including a list of prohibited items click here.

Please report anything suspicious whilst in and around Anfield to your nearest steward or Police Officer.



Anfield uses NFC (near field communication) technology for stadium entry and all tickets are digital on a smartphone, in the form of an NFC pass. There will be no paper tickets issued to supporters.

Please ensure you have downloaded your NFC Pass to your smartphone, and it displays the next match you are attending before arriving at Anfield. Check your digital ticket for your access point.

For a how-to guide on using the NFC Pass watch our video here.

There is additional support on the day to help you use your NFC Pass. The ticket office will be open ahead of KO for enquiries and look out for the Fan Support team located around the ground ahead of kick off.

Please be advised that anyone under the age of 16 years old attending the Anfield stadium, must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Please remain seated
throughout the match - Anfield is an all-seater stadium, persistent standing is not allowed this includes those areas which have railed seating. When celebrating or engaging in key moments of the match please act responsibly.

Ticket Forwarding

The club’s ticket forwarding scheme allows season ticket holders and official members to use official club channels to share their match tickets in a secure way, while also making Anfield more accessible and safer for fans by knowing who is in the stadium.

Supporters will only be permitted to transfer their match tickets to those on their registered Friends and Family list. Fans are advised that tickets for a game can be forwarded a maximum of three times per game before they are locked and cannot be forwarded again. Once locked, the ticket can then only be returned to the club’s Ticket Exchange for resale.

Watch our handy ‘how to use Ticket Forwarding’ video for more information click here.

Anfield Road is no longer through road on matchday and access is only permitted
for those fans with a ticket for the Anfield Road Stand.

For the UEFA Champions League fixture against Rangers on Tuesday 4th October (Kick off at 8PM)
  • Supporters entering via turnstiles L and M will approach Anfield Rd from the direction of Arkles Lane as there is no access from the direction of 97 Avenue. At the end of the game when leaving the stadium, they will turn right on leaving the stadium.
  • Supporters entering via Turnstiles Q will approach Anfield Rd from the direction of 97 Avenue as there is no access from the direction of Arkles Lane. At the end of the game when leaving the stadium, they will turn left on leaving the stadium.


We ask you to comply with current government guidance regarding respiratory infections including COVID-19 which can be found via this link.


LFC is supporting strong measures across football to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours within football grounds – including entering the pitch without permission and carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros. These are illegal, dangerous and have serious consequences. They have no place in our game. Anyone involved in these activities will be banned by the club and reported to the police. Love Football. Protect the Game.


We are a cashless stadium – contactless and/or chip and pin payments are required in all areas. For more information on stadium facilities including food and drink click here.

Seat Serve
will also be in operation throughout the stadium for you to buy food and drink and have it served directly to your seat – download the app here.

We have introduced new WASTE POINTS across the stadium, and we need your help to reduce, reuse and recycle waste at Anfield. The new bins are colour coded and clearly labelled to help supporters dispose their waste. BLACK is for general waste from tea & coffee cups, food wrappers and food waste, RED is for reusable plastic cups used and GREEN is for recycling plastic bottles only (Carlsberg and Water PET Plastic). Find out more about our sustainability initiatives here.


This may be the first time you’ve stepped foot into a stadium since the events in Paris. If you do find this experience becomes overwhelming on Tuesday or at future matches, please find resources available via the LFC Foundation website which has been set up to help fans with expert advice and support.

Our Safeguarding team are also available to provide help and support to our fans. The team has a role to support all children and vulnerable adults should they have any welfare or safeguarding needs. Should you require any support from the Club, you can contact our dedicated safeguarding specialists here.


Please remember that Anfield is home to our local community. We ask you respect our neighbours by leaving quietly and taking your litter home. If you have travelled by bus your return pickup point may be different from your drop off. Please check the travel map with post-match pick up point

Stay up to date with all of the latest matchday information, follow @LFCHelp on Twitter.
We look forward to welcoming you to Anfield.

Liverpool Football Club


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In liverpool end, hoping its a great game... Looking to hear some rangers tunes pre match, any suggestions, travelling from belfast

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Not yet however the guy I bought mine off just text me to say “Currently working through all orders. Just spoke to event manager all tickets will be sent today.”
What was the guys name you bought your ticket from?


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Seen guy on Twitter saying he used screenshot last week of the ticket at anfield and it worked fine


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Seems reliable enough he got back to my text that was sent this morning quick enough just says event manager is working through all bookings and tickets will be sent today
Where did you get his number? I sent him an email but never got anything back


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Waiting on my tickets coming through from Has anyone received from them yet?
Used them before for Liverpool games last season. Tickets came through around lunch time on the day of the game. Panicked the first time but always been a good service for the extra money you need to pay. Usually pick a proper seat rather than an area. Been caught out with restricted view in lower Anfield Road. Couldn't see the ball in the air due to upper over hang.


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Still waiting on tickets arriving from LiveFootballTickets. I did email them on Friday to ask what the script would be with regards the NFC pass, he did say it is highly likely it will be a QR code I’ll receive but will be in contact no later than 24 hrs before game.


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Watermelon went from 20 a day to using them
Yep I smoked when I was in Ibiza recently and really regretted it, basically only use the bars now. Although they are potent wee girls. 50 fags in there. About 11 draws is a cigarette!

Considered starting a thread on them the other day, but CBA'd with the backlash.