Liverpool Away


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Jealous of everyone heading down. Few boys from work away early this morning and I'm just about to head out the door for work as well. Enjoy!


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Starting to wish I’d never cancelled the seat on my bus.

Into town at 1pm for me then Club72 (if they let us in haha).


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What a buzz seeing everyone on here and social media get on their way. Midday departure for us because someone’s work got arsey but can’t wait to be in about it.

Come on the Bears!

yosser hughes

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Im down in Liverpool the now , had a good few beers in the lady of Mann pub in dale street, big boozer has a outside beer garden , lots of TVs screens and watched Leicester v forest , Asked about our game and said it would be on and seemed relaxed about the whole thing , Maybe an option for some
good boozer that,as is the pub its attached too Rigbys


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Absolutely buzzing. Been waiting for us to draw an English team since we got back into Europe. Don’t always have the money for a continental away day, but can do these.


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Remember and leave the Airmax and Hugo boss clobber at home or you will not get in to any pubs down there lol


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Just woke up and don’t remember how I got back to the hotel!

I do remember the Cavern club and Sgt Peppers was bouncing and full of bears.

Liverpool is excellent for a night out.

It was decent down there last night. We couldn't get into Sgt Peppers as we had a 16 year old with us but, sat outside the Carribbean restaurant right across from the Cavern. Excellent way to spend a few hours. Be a few boys nursing hangovers this morning:)

yosser hughes

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I see a few have had their hotels cancelled at Seel Street Hotel because it’s gone into admin. We have a spare room in that Dixie Dean Hotel, 6 double beds. Message me if you’re struggling.
decent boozer over the road from the dixie dean hotel, the Victoria cross, some good military artifacts on the walls and above the bar

Blue As

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This morning-















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The new ticketing system has allowed everyone to sell tickets much easier. My mate sells his to someone he's never even met!
Did you read that 83% of the "local sales " tickets last season were passed on?
So now they've banned tickets bought in the local sales being transferred.
Our atmosphere has been poor for decades but it's at an all time low at the moment. Looking at the fans we attract, you can see why.

I never knew about the ticket sales so nice one for that. Our atmosphere has been shite for ages apart from the odd European game or a game against a big rival. I reckon the new Anny Road stand will be full of more whoppers , beauts , divvies or whatever they are called.


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Everton and Liverpool fans offended that we've painted the place blue.

Fucking tourists from a tourist league.