Liverpool want £12 million for Kent


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It reads like someone's just rehashed the story as it stood about a month ago?
Neil Jones is the Liverpool correspondent from Goal, formerly of the Echo. If he is the one who wrote it and it is recent, then I would imagine he has at least spoken to someone close to the situation and not just rehashed an article.


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It seems likely the position all along has been if they get an offer that matches their value he goes, if not it will be us on loan

Can see this going long into the transfer window unless Gerrard can work magic


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I love Kent but im hardly going to burst into tears if he doesn’t come back .

The way I see it , looks 90 per cent certain Liverpool want to cash in now while his stock is high.

If by some chance he comes back for another year it’s a huge bonus but as I say , there’s no point shedding any spilt milk over it if it doesn’t .
yeah, Im not gonna cry over any tears either ;)
Two things about this, the kind of clubs who will be looking at Kent will probably consider £12 million a fairly risk proposition given he's had one good season in Scotland.
Secondly, his end product needs to improve, a lot. He's all potential at the moment. He's not good enough for the premier League IMO. Not yet. It is my slightly biased opinion that everyone would win with one more year with us. But money talks.


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I have to think that with Ojo joining up it more or less spells the end for Kent’s return.

Even with Middleton and Hastie going out on loan we’d still have six wide players on the books and Kent would make it seven.

That’s at least two too many, IMO.
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Unless it gets confirmed otherwise, optimistic dh thinks Ryan Kent will be back at Rangers next season.