Livi tickets oot

erskine bear

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Didn’t get one, neither did my mates.

Bad days when we can’t even get Livy :))

Would be able to get one anyway, but still.


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None for me

Probably best as I’m taking this Sunday off work for the semi and looking at taking the 4th off for Dundee. Would be a bit cheeky looking to go for 3 straight weeks of taking time off to go to the football.


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None for me.

Not too fussed had Ross County and Motherwell. Just shy of gold.

Hopefully get one of the next few.


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Be surprised if they've all been allocated yet. Far too many missing out it seems - didn't get one either in silver.


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The very same. Waste of 40 quid this mygers psh
I’ll hold judgment until the end of the season personally, if I get our 3 tickets together for a Hampden OF final and at least 2 more aways it’ll of been worth it IMO.

I should qualify my earlier statement by saying I apply for 3 together via F&F for every away game.

Wee Bud 1972

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I’ve got one,i got St.Mirren and Motherwell so that’s three in a row,I’m gold but didn’t expect to get all three,that will probably be me till after the new year.