Livi v Rangers - Match Stats and Player Ratings from the papers


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The sun. 4 7's, 5 6's, Morelos a 5 (might be another 6 but too blurry to say for sure) and McGregor, who only faced 4 shots all day, motm with an 8 and the main reason we didn't lose the game. Tav with 2 assists, the first one sublime, only gets a 6.

Absolutely no surprise though. Last season when we were breaking all sorts of records and hammering teams regularly we barely had anyone above a 7 and only had 9's a few times over the whole season. Just average players who knew the system they were playing inside out having played in it for 3 years, a lot of luck, and an exceptional goalie bailing us out every week if you believed the papers. Laughable.


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Great to see the experts opinions again, remember their predictions before the last old firm game?