Livingston v Aberdeen Postponed


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Pishing down right enough. Need a big water vacum pulled by a tractor on these pitches, cos no natural drainage obviously.


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Problem is unlike a grass pitch there is no drainage. I'm sure Livi and Killie have a solid tarred base under the synthetic surface.


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Aberdeen having to travel down twice in as many weeks only for the games to be called off. Lovely.

Should never be happening though.


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Shambolic what chance has Scottish football got of progressing in an already saturated media market when this shit is allowed to go unpunished


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On the plus side the livingston players will be fresh the weekend, but that is a total joke. Plastic pitches should be banned in the top division.


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Not surprised. Its been drippin like a knackered fridge here all day. There's a layer of slush on the streets. Its likely frozen underneath meaning its not draining from the surface.

We had solid snow/ice on the ground from 29/12 until a few days ago.


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Amateur hour.

Amber warning for rain issued earlier in the day and nobody came out to look at the pitch until kick-off time.

So far the games on "all-weather" pitches have been frozen off, snowed off and waterlogged :rolleyes: