Livingston v Aberdeen Postponed

Alex Hunter

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It’s a misconception btw that these parks are “all weather”. However; with the right preparation they should be available most of the time and tonight’s conditions hardly seem drastic enough to forgive this.



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This is what I've been wondering...surely we're not going to have Premiership teams sitting scratching their arses on a weekend cause the cup is off?

With the way things are at the moment, surely we can and should be playing a Premiership game instead that weekend.
Rangeral has nailed it.
My main point was that the Sky commentator was talking about the lack of dates for rearranged fixtures.
They are amateurs and like a number of posts / comments on here, how do they get and hold down their job? Their lack of knowledge has me baffult.


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Rip it up and start again.

I hear grass is a good option for a quality football pitch.

I just know I'm going to have a piece of that pitch in my fish supper in about 10 years time. David Attenborough start a campaign


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Having a chuckle here as I had no idea of his past until last week and now when you see him interviewed it all falls into place. :)
It's still giving me a giggle now.

Fair play to the guy he is doing well at Livingston and came across well in that interview, despite the nasal neddy accent.


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On the plus side, Livi can rest up for their double header
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I've been playing and coaching on plastic pitches for years and years and not once was a game off for a waterlogged pitch.

What a shambles of an installation they must have.


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Thats a joke with that stupid pitch. Cant handle cold or wet weather. But hilarious as Aberdeen travelled all that way for nothing and keeps Livi fresher for Saturday