Match Thread Livingston v Rangers - 16:00 Sunday - Sky Sports


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Some of us are worried mate that they will soak it up and take 10/15 minutes out the game with time wasting then scramble a goal from somewhere.

Sound familiar ?
I predicted 3-0 on the pre match thread and I’m sticking with that.

We’re completely dominant and Gerrard has so far called it 100% right to go with same midfield and front 3 that hammered the tinkers.

Also Katic and Worrall handling the Livi tactics effortlessly so far.

Once the second goes in for us to make it 2-0 we’ll all settle down.

I just think there is some amount of negativity on match threads. It’s almost as if some are willing us to fail rather than support us. That’s not a dig at you btw


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Great to get the goal but feel bad for the keeper.

Can’t wait to see the anyone but Celtic brigade spin this as corruption from Holyrood alumni Liam Kelly


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Whalker: Motherwell player makes a wrong decision but yellow card. McRorie clearly worthy of a yellow. Fud.


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Has there ever been a fucking tit who just says what he wishes he'd seen rather than what actually happened, more than Andy Wanker? Boils my piss having to listen to this complete fanny.