Match Thread Livingston v Rangers - 16:00 Sunday - Sky Sports


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Missed two glorious chances that he really should be bagging and his all round play has imo not anywhere near his standard.
Got the goal he deserves and its the hardest of the lot.
Man of the match for me. He's our best player and without him we look a shadow of ourselves.


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He is a very energetic and dedicated player, I like him a lot.

But he has two weaknesses.

He is not good at taking on the last man, he passes when he maybe should skip past the player. It may well be he wants to make sure, but he really should take the chance sometimes.

Also, he rushes his crosses sometimes and hits them short.
I like the fact his head rarely goes down, doesn't matter if he's having a nightmare or the game of his life, in my opinion, he gives his all.


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thought he had over run that but great finish and deserves his goal. now we have defoe, i think we will see more of alfie getting subbed early rather than staying on the full 90