Match Thread Livingston v Rangers - 16:00 Sunday - Sky Sports

Walt Longmire

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My wife who knows f**k all about football thought it was quite funny and harmless. I then said that there will be folk moaning about it and the papers will mention it! Her reply oh p*ss off. Take from that what you like!
You're Mrs is a 'keeper' is what I'm taking from that.


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Was it over exuberance with a whole stand spilling onto the pitch to cause mayhem ( perfectly all right as far as I'm aware) or was it just a few wee numpties tanked up on cheap cider.


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Surely it's possible to disrupt the long throws if someoone stands on the line, as it forces the player taking the throw to check his run. At least it would put him off.

Rocket Raccoon

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It's a nightmare paying for a service and you can only use half of it. Have to turn the sound off as can't listen to Walker any more. 82min is a new best for me.


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Am I right in thinking Wylde was the first player to run off and chase the money the minute Admin happened?
I was wondering that about him as well due to the booing hes been getting. Found this on his wikipedia

Wylde volunteered to have his contract terminated and to waive the redundancy payment he would have been entitled to when Rangers went into administration in early 2012.[3][16] He said this was to try to help other members of staff keep their jobs at the club”