Match Thread Livingston v Rangers - 16:00 Sunday - Sky Sports


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Don't know but it might come as a shock to you... This isn't a Europa league game,so i'll ask you again,how does it cost the club money ??
OK so we've not been fined for it in the SPFL but we have been fined for it this season, which you asked about. There is no need for it.

It's irrelevant anyway as the football has been great, just don't need these idiots potentially causing issues for us.


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Almost identical incident as Kent in first half and Walkers saying could’ve been a penalty and a red.

What a spectacular wanktard.


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Commentators saying Livi players should've claimed for a penalty and that it would have been a red! What the fuk are they all about?! :D


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Happy many times have Rangers been the first to be punished for various incidents?
Happy to put a £100 bet with you for charity as well that Rangers don't get fined for it.

People wetting their knickers over a few people on the pitch ffs, I don't like it either when they do it but people saying we will get fined are total drama queens.


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You said the club would get fined,so i have no need to educate myself,Rangers won't get any fine for it and i'm willing to bet you £100 for charity that we don't,will you take the bet ?
Strange, you have gone very quiet with your "when have any club ever been fined" after being educated then.. :D