Loan Ranger Thread - Updates on Players Out On Loan Season 2019/2020

Davie Weir

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Jaoa Balde has joined Lowland League Berwick Rangers on loan

And Jake Hastie makes it 3 goals from 3
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Robby McCrorie had yet another good performance today for QotS away to ICT, despite the result.

He couldn’t have been expected to do much about either of the ICT goals and really prevented it from being embarrassing for Queens. ICT manager Robertson said as much himself after the match:
We had two tremendous finishes and if it wasn't for Robby McCrorie it could have been five or six.
For a young keeper he is building up some great experience now which will do him well when challenging for the jersey whenever McGregor hangs up the gloves.


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It might take an injury or two as he was getting some stick for his last performance...
Yes, I did read that. Their team seems to be struggling generally, so not an easy time at the club for anyone I suppose. He just needs to hold firm, work hard and keep a good attitude. That's what SG will expect him to do.


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Portsmouth play Southampton tonight, let's hope McCrorie plays.

Should be on TV.

Sky Sports 7.45
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McCrorrie on the bench again. Is it not going too well down there? He seems benched a lot.
Started excellently, got sent off and benched. Centre midfielders came in and plated well and winning games. 0layed well at RB Vs Sunderland then had a couple of dire matches apparently...and yeah, steep learning curve that Rangers and Ross will be the better for

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