Looks like Samir Nasri has been enjoying himself


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Love how they say 34 years old as if most 34 year olds are skinny or athletic. Wee man likes a party by all accounts, fair play.


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They must’ve thought “ach he only retired a month ago, he’ll still be in the small men’s size” and never brought any spares in different sizes.


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It’s nothing really for an athlete as such.

He will still have a fit enough frame that could be stripped back off in a month or so if he really wanted to.

Ray Von

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Why wouldn’t you? A lifetime of modern sports nutrition… I’d scoff a few pizzas in my first few months.

Exactly. I've never got the sniggering at things like this. Most of these guys have lived impeccably from their mid-teens to late 30's. They're more than entitled to enjoy their retirement.


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Don't blame the guy, surely he's allowed a few years of a blow out after being a professional athlete for over a decade.

PS as a man I think he's an arseh0le but that's a different matter.


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The "good on him" comments as if its anything close to being good that he's already that size in under 4 weeks., even in 4 months that would be a disgrace.


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By all accounts the man was a mad shagger throughout his career.

Made an absolute fortune at City, Arsenal & West Ham.

He did the whole professional footballer thing right.


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If that’s what he’s done in a month I can’t imagine what he’ll be like in a year.


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Some of the threads on here are mental. Most players put weight on after retiring and although it says he retired a month ago… he left anderlect in 2020 and had barely played any football in years