Lovenkrands leaving for Japan

Buxton Bear

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Murty being head of development might have been a job Lovenkrands was after. Sometimes folk move on due to lots of changes. I'm sure he will pop back up shortly.


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Put in more work than just the training ground with him also being on the commentary quite often.

Wish him all the best of course.


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Wonder if this is anything to do with rumours earlier today of a new ‘presence’ on the way to the club? Probably bull, but interesting if we now have a gap at U21s that needs filling, if Murty down to 18s as rumoured.


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He’s highly rated by Gerrard and the coaching staff so this is a bit of a shame, especially given his promotion.

Can only imagine he’s got a big job lined up. Hopefully wherever it is he can cut his cloth there for a while and maybe return as manager in a few years down the line.


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My mate messaged me before I saw any of this saying he'd seen a rumour about Lovernkrands going to Dundee Utd.

Not saying there's anything in it as it would be a strange one. Also not sure where he saw the rumour but passing it on none the less