Madden rumoured to be claiming he didn’t see the McGregor


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Despite the clear photographic evidence

So they can claim a referee didn’t see it but can also use their powers of clairvoyance to tell that Allan went in to do Ferguson


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If the rumours are true he has went on record ( for the purpose of facilitating a suspension re the McGregor appeal ) as saying he didn’t see it and he’d have sent our goalkeeper off if he had.
From now on, players group round the ref. Then we have witnesses to everything said

We stop when they start being trustworthy


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That's the thing now, the SFA and CO are now putting words into the ref's mouth, therefore putting more pressure on to already stressed out ref's as they are being made to look like complete buffoons and downright liars

thornhill bear

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Whatever Madden, you useless twat -

Do we know if Greegs was lawyered up? If not why not? This image clearly shows the Madden is lying and should have been questioned as to what he was actually looking at if the incident at hand. Greegs will almost certainly miss out on any win bonuses, clean sheet bonuses and even perhaps have been fined by the Club (although I sincerely hope not). This adds up to a loss in prospective wages by an official that is clearly lying. I’d have the c unt into court for loss of wages and damages.


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He's a downright liar then. Photo above & tv footage show he saw it. Christ he didn't see it looking at it & Collum did see (DC) it when looking the other way. Jesus SFA must be very proud of them


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If he didn’t see it he should be removed as a ref immediately, the pictures show he is looking right at it and he must have some sort of sight impairment
If the referee is saying he didn't see it well how can we ever believe him again. There is clear evidence he saw it and deemed no offence took place and played on. Our game is knacked when it's refereed by media and sportscene.I watched the under 17 game today the lady officials were far superior to ours.
why do any of our fans trust these refs anyway they lie out on the pitch all the time by allowing Celtic or any diddy sides we play face to make dangerous challenge while they cant wait for any excuse to book our players.

Maybe they are told to do it but i would guess Bobby and Craig were more than happy to change their decisions from last weeks games and will do it again should Keevins be upset with any calls. They probably see the system as helping them to deal with the media.
Madden had pretty much an unobstructed view of the entire incident from the time the pass was played forward to McGregor collecting the ball.
The notice of complaint on the SFA webpage: “Disciplinary rule alleged to be breached” states that none of the officials saw it at the time it was committed is just a bare faced lie.
Also, for Barasic to be able to move himself out of the way of the onrushing keeper and Ferguson not to in my opinion shows either inexperience from Ferguson or he intended leaving something on McGregor. I’d go for the latter as there was no indication he was going to try and jump over McGregor. McGregor was then quite right to protect himself from a collision.
Farcical decision making every week from Refs and the CO. You would have to laugh if it wasn’t so desperately pathetic.

Brant Hurley

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Another greedy hypocite lining his pocket, protecting his 'career' & selling any lingering integrity for the proverbial 29 pieces of silver. Doesn't even have the fig-leaf of having endured apartheid mind contolling sectarian schooling.


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He clearly saw it, it was in front of him.

You see goalies making challenges like that all the time and so Inpresumed that he made the decision to take no action on that basis.

And there’s the loophole being exploited here... no action - no yellow or red card is interpreted to mean that the referee missed it. Where you have saturated media coverage of the incident in the days afterwards then the pressure is in the referee to claim it was missed when the Compliance Officer cites a player and makes the referee look inept for the decision they made at the time.
The problem is that the Compliance Officer is being led (knowingly or not) down the path of reacting to the biggest story, which is invariably that Rangers somehow benefitted from a decision.

Madden should grow a set of balls and say that he decided that no action was necessary. If he genuinely missed that challenge from a few yards away then he should retire his position.


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I didn't think that Shagger would successfully appeal that.
His foot was high and whilst perhaps he might have got away with a fortunate yellow on the night if Madden had decided to give it a card, there was little prospect of this going any other way as soon as Madden said he hadn't seen it.
There was a case to answer here.

However, the real travesty this week has been the Morelos decision.
Pictures clearly show that Alfie was innocent of violent conduct and indeed an examination of the slo-mo exonerates Alfie totally of any wrongdoing, indeed a yellow card would have been harsh.

There can be no doubt that whenever Rangers are guilty even if it takes them more than one go, they will always make sure we get away with nothing, however, it is galling to see that when we are not guilty there is a culture of corruption inside the decision-making process that will endeavour to still punish Rangers, who are obviously now being officiated to a totally different level from the rest of the league.

No one is paranoid when the evidence is so damning and there can no longer be any doubt that they are indeed out to get us and to ensure that we remain firmly nailed to the floor.


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He is lying, but lying to be able to punish Rangers means he will be believed.
He would have been put under pressure to say that he didn't see it as that way the panel to punish Rangers. Madden DID see it and everyone and their granny knows it. There is NO moral integrity in the S.F.A.:mad:



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He clearly saw it, it was in front of him

Madden should grow a set of balls and say that he decided that no action was necessary. If he genuinely missed that challenge from a few yards away then he should retire his position.
If he didn't see it then he should retire through deficient eyesight! Maybe he should inform the DVLA that he is surrendering his driving licence!:cool:



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Jobby Midden your pants are on fire. He managed to "see" young McCrorie accidentally push diving expert sinclair in the semi final just outside the box,give a penalty and send McCrorie off. That explains just one thing.Your'e a liar and a cheat.Maybe you should visit your sponsors.Theyr'e shite as well right enough. Really,what do you get out of lying?Keep your job?Appease the scum?You are a coward.