Madden - what will we be saying after the game?


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If there was odds on each option it would be 1/3 on option 3 and probably evens on option 4. There's no way option 1 or 2 happens in any of our games.


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We won despite his best efforts to deny us victory. Every important decision will go to the sheep and we will get lots of decisions that carry no goal threat.


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These refs are not scared to give us decisions, they are cementing their place in the top bracket of refereeing by looking after Celtc and seeing to it that every game involving us is made as hard as possible for us to win, with as many bookings and red cards for us that they can get away with.


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1 Great performance - got all the big calls correct
2 Barely noticed him, kept the game flowing
3 A fucking cheat
4 Worst refereeing performance I’ve ever seen
5 Other
Hopefully 1 or 2 but fully expect the others will be more commonly used with 3 being the one with the highest probability.


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He'll make an arse of today like he usually does. It's the SFA way. However, hopefully it won't make a difference to the end result as in a win for Rangers. He will 100% make outrageous and stupid calls.


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Doesn't matter what we say

The club and Gerrard will do the same as they have for 2 years, either not say a word or like Gerrard with Clancy say he had no complaints.

Club and manager are cowards when it comes to Referees.


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You know exactly how it will go, Aberdeen will be allowed multiple fouls before someone gets a talking to, then Ryan Jack will get booked first as he then attempts to control the game.