Madden - what will we be saying after the game?


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Thought he was fine today. Should have booked Ferguson but you can see from the TV that he hears something happen and turns back so probably didn’t see it.


He was good, better than normal, prob helps him not to have a crowd. et seemed severe but looking back, plenty stoppages I suppose. Glad he called the red properly.
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Though he was terrible tbh .

No way would a uefa game be handled in that way re the level of tackle and swi0es and after that happened at the dungheap today .

Everything that’s wrong with football refereeing in Scottish leagues imo

The Janny

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I'm hoping refs have been told scrutiny will be relentless, no dodgy decisions keep it above board. Today was that, future games, who knows?


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Would have been one of the easiest Rangers games of his career. The sheep hardly put up a challenge.

Only Controversial moments was the tackle on Hagi and the red card, thought he got both of them 100%


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Both Ferguson and the number 7 Bryson(?) should have had bookings, but the red was correct, probably the fairest I have seen him ref. No crowds may be to our advantage? No external pressure seemed to make it easier for him to call it correctly,imo.


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Certainly better today than is normal from him but should have booked two or three sheep players. Not doing so kept them in with a chance in the game.