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Hagi must be somewhat fit if he's leaving out Aribo for a knock.

If it was to fill the bench you'd expect Aribo in before Hagi.

Maybe that doesn't make sense but we'll never know.


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With as many players missing as we have it's a testament to the squad depth that we have that the side is as strong as that. It'll be a tough couple of games, but the Champions League proper would be a very difficult place if we aren't good enough to beat Malmo anyway.

erskine bear

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“We have a few suspensions and players who haven’t made it for different reasons.”

You would assume the latter part refers to Alfie’s quarantine?.

No mention of Aribo’s absence either.


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Not our strongest side! However we knew that would be the case and we should have enough quality to get a result tonight. Defence and goalkeeper look solid so don’t expect us to concede tonight.


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Solid first 10, strangle the hope out of them early. Davis probing passes forward, Lundstram protecting and Kent scaring the life out of them and pinning them back out of fear. Tav screamer to open the floodgates


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3 years training in your country between 15-21.

Need X amount club trained, and X amount nation trained.

It’s why we have a smaller squad, and our back up keeper has to miss out.

Can’t remember the exact number that’s needed of each.
8 homegrown from the squad of 25, I guess a certain number of these must also be in the matchday squad?


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I’ve got a good feeling about Itten tonight. Undoubtedly his biggest chance in a Rangers shirt without Alfie and Roofe.

We know he works hard, and technically he is fantastic. I think he will be in about the goal mouth to grab one with Wright and Kent doing a lot of damage cutting inside.


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Squad's stretched thin with several kids and two keepers named on the bench. But a pretty strong XI.


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Virtually impossible to pick our team these days, but I'll hazard a guess at....





I don't think we'll lose and I think a 1 or 2 goal victory is possible.

I have watched both ties HJK v Malmo and the thing that stuck out most for me is Malmo's keeper.

He is the weak link in their team.

He dropped shots too often and isn't a very good shot stopper to his right.

We will be well served if we are hitting shots at him from around the box and have players chasing him up, chances will definitely arise, but we need to maximise the pressure on him, as I really believe we will punish them if we do.


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Got to say, I don't like that line up much. Definitely setting up to be solid and take back to Ibrox.

0-4 Rangers

Eddie Doc

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Only really Sakala and Hagi that you’d say are game changers, hopefully Kelly gets some time - one players blow, is another players chance.
Going by Malmo in the last round, eb they left some amount of space behind them and Sakala would hurt them in there. I would have Hagi starting ahead of Arfield too but still confident of beating them quite easily.