Man City banned from European competition for 2 seasons


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That's a shocker. They'll appeal this surely. Must be other clubs that should be investigated.

Rt. Hon. Bearman

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If this ban sticks then expect to see an exodus of players from Man City.

Money or not, their players want CL football. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of them had clauses in their contracts allowing them to leave for knockdown prices should the club fail to be in the CL.


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Here if you're a Sheffield Utd fan you must be absolutely buzzing right now. Finish 5th and get in the champions league!

Captain Cutlass

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That seems way way OTT.
UEFA are effectively putting them out of business.
The punishment doesn't fit the crime.


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Yet psg barca and real madrid even chelsea have been doing it for years and nothing
It's just told you, evidence came from emails.
UEFA can suspect whatever they like, but if Owner A, sends Sponsor B 200 million, and they pay it to the club, UEFA have no right or influence in asking these companies and people to disclose their personal situation and spending or dealings.

If City were stupid enough to put it in club emails and let themselves be hacked, hell mend them.


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This will end up in court.
Nothing surer, they'll argue that its a business and they should be allowed to invest as they see fit. Can't really see them losing to be honest but surely they've submitted some sort of defence during the investigation?


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How do man utd escape this?
Man United make unreal amounts of revenue each year worldwide from merchandising and sponsorship they are a massive brand worldwide and bring in a lot of money Man City although growing in terms of brand isnt anywhere near that so on paper they spend more than they earn


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Liverpool will be loving this. Will put players off signing and strengthening citys team over the next 2 seasons giving Liverpool a one up!
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