Man City youngster commits suicide.

Helensburgh True Blue

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Very very sad news of a young man taking his own life when it had only just begun, I feel for his friends and family at this tragic time. RIP young man.

Mr Goodbear

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I feel for all his family and friends. At 17 he would have had the world at his feet and could have gone on and played with even bigger clubs.
I hope that the footballing world takes note and helps youngsters cope better because depression and rejection at that age probably isn't even a subject that is touched upon.
Sleep tight lad.


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So sad. Be good idea to get pros at the top of the game to talk to these young guys n let them know how they turned things around after being released cos many of them have been released at some point in their career


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Very tragic for the boy and his family. He had his whole life in front of him. The professional football world is a really pressurised competitive environment. This tragedy will prompt clubs to improve further this side of care for their youngsters.
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