Man U getting horsed 2-0 at home by Burnley


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Was obviously watching our game so haven’t seen it, but it sums up United that you’re not even shocked by a result like this.


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As a Burnley fan I'm not getting too excited yet. Last two times we've played them at Old Trafford, we've gone 2 up and both times we've drawn 2-2 with stoppage time goals.
Incidentally, three of the last seven times Man Utd have gone 2 down at home it was to Burnley.

The McLeod

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I'd a tenner at 100/1 that Eric wid be next manager then they appointed Ole.

Was meant to be that Eric was to be a Commercial decision.

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Why they ever thought Ole would turn them around! I think it’s a long way for them to get back competing for the title


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Someone needs to step in here. Why they let ancelotti go to Everton and didn’t jump all over the opportunity to sign him I don’t know.
Pochettino is maybe in the wings, but I wouldn’t think he would step in just now given the shambles he would be stuck with until the end of the season