Man utd being investigated over tax issues


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I was actually hoping that the virus could be the beginning of the end of the crazy money that flows around the big European leagues and the EPL.

They are paying average players fortunes and paying millions for players that are good at best.

For the so called top players they are paying way over the top in transfers and wages.

£350,000 per week for the likes of Sanchez and Pogba is farcical.

Imagine what Cruyff, Maradona, Pele etc would have been worth and the wages they would be on.

Apart from Messi and Ronaldo none of the current players come close to the legends.


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You're a less cynical man than me.

I think they'll cut the sort of wee deal that was apparently so abhorrent for us.
I would have agreed with you pre Covid. But the world is a very different place and the massive hole in the UK‘s finances will, I think, see a harder line being taken by HMRC on anything remotely questionable when it comes to tax affairs.


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They should ask, Celtic fc,their scum support,Shug, Spfl I'll Phil,Micky Stewart and all others in Scottish media what would be a suitable punishment......Answers on a back of a stamp.


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If he is still alive or not in a padded cell? I would advise man utd to contact Tommy the irish cafflick muslim communist taxi driver for the advice they need! He is the man regarding all tax issues and employment laws.


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For the so called top players they are paying way over the top in transfers and wages.
So all the money generated in footbal should go to the fat cats in suits then?

Serious question for those that say players are paid too much. Who should get the money?

Perhaps all business should be run like this, where those that actually do the hard work should get a fair share of the profits.


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Why would they?

Man Utd are nowhere near being rivals of City.

Wolves and Everton are Uniteds rivals these days.
Not that I care about either club but the last time I checked United had won an English record of 20 league titles in addition to 3 European cups.

So perhaps you are right about City not really being their big rivals.

Jonathan E

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The many multi-millionaire employees of Man U have already paid multi-millions of pounds in tax through PAYE.

Who still believes that it is morally wrong for individuals or collectives to minimise the levies on earned income so that centralised government gets less and they get more?

(Socialists apart.)