Managers challenge?


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As an NBA fan I've been watching the basketball this year and there's been quite a lot of coach's challenges.

It's an opportunity for teams manager to decide they disagreed with a decision. In the day and age of VAR would this be a useful rule in football? Here's the current rules, but of course would be tweaked for football:

  • A challenge is initiated by calling a timeout and the challenging coach twirling his index finger in a circle.
  • Personal fouls called on the coach's own team, out-of-bounds calls, goaltending and basket interference can be challenged.
  • Only personal foul calls are challengeable in the last two minutes of the game. Other reviews can only be triggered by officials in that time period.
  • Teams get only one challenge per game, regardless of whether or not it is successful.
  • For a call to be overturned, "there must be clear and conclusive visual evidence that the call was incorrect," according to
  • If a team tries to use a challenge without having any timeouts, it will be assessed a technical foul.
Obviously rules could be adjusted to say a minute of injury time is added instead of a timeout, though I'm not sure how you'd punish a team for unfair use other than booking the manager.