Manchester City centre (pub)


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You'll likey get it on in The Green, Ducie Street. You'll need to ask them to put it on, but it shouldn't be a problem. Near Piccadilly.


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I've watched a few in the Tib St Tavern. They have booths that seat four each with a TV. The manager has put the game on one of them for us in the past. Man U are the same time though.


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I got them to put on a few of our europa league games last year in Sir Ralph Abercrombie, no commentary though.

United being on at the same time may mean finding a pub with two screens


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I’ll probably head down to Walkabout. Should get it on one of the screens in there.
Yeah, was going to suggest that. When I lived there, just down the road from the Walkabout was the now long closed Sports Cafe. Watched a few European games in there, including Porto away when we went through.

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Most places should be able to accommodate if you ask them. Real shortage of a Central Rangers pub when I lived there but most locals were accomodating for big games.


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It’s on in the green’s on there website listings..let us know what it’s like,I’m down there for our new year game against them and I don’t want to watch it in there room again