Mario Gotze available on a free


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He's had a few bosmons has he not? Massive wages, can see EPL clubs taking that gamble on though.

erskine bear

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Career has been hampered by the rare disease he has I reckon. Sky was the limit for him a few years ago, still scored a World Cup winning goal.


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When he was younger he looked like he would be a genuine world beater, hes done well but dont think he has quite made it as far as people thought. Mid-table EPL riches await him next season.


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I'm not sure if some of the responses on here are genuine. Do people honestly believe we could sign Mario Gotze? :D lay off the crack!

It's a shame what happened to him, burst on the scene years ago and looked to be a world beater. Never reached his potential due to injuries.


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Not him obviously, but I’m hoping a sliver cloud of the crisis could mean players normally out of our reach become plausible on loans or Bosmans.


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I imagine he will get a move within germany. Its not out the question us getting him as he is vastly different player than his potential seemed to suggest in the past


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Can't believe he's still only 27.

What a player he was back end of 2011 to 2014.

He's worked so hard to over come myopathy. Really struggled this season to break into the Dortmund side.


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When he first broke through I genuinely thought he would be a ballon d’or winner. Most natural with a ball at his feet since messi.

A shame that his health issues have robbed him of fulfilling his potential