Mario Melchiot loving this wee guy celebrating Jack's goal


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CBS Sports have just shared this on their FB page.

If anyone knows the wee mans parents it’d be nice to let them know.

Sadly as is to be expected the mutants are all over it with their poison.

Scrubs UK

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Strange that the original Twitter account (@Gerslivestreams) has disappeared. Wondering if it's a case of taking someone else's video and re-posting as their own.

EDIT: Figured it out, they lifted the video from instagram and posted it without permission.
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Cambuslang Bear

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Watched the video and the first thing I did was break into a big smile. Everyone of us has been there. Superb from the boy and his parents must be proud as punch


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As you would expect there’s disgusting comments on social media from the sewer rats.

“Dirty hun”
“Hope he dies”
“He needs shot”

Among others.


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if you watch it again, when Jacks scores he has a little pause as if to wait and check to see if officials are flagging it for anything lol


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Shameless, disgusting, bunch of filthy cretins. If they are saying that about a happy toddler. Words fail me really.
Seen the comments myself yesterday on Instagram.

On the Tweets from Sports Illustrated, ESPN and the like the obsessed are straight in there too with the ‘new club’ and ‘sectarian’ pish thinking they’re going to “educate” all the yanks watching an innocent video. Pathetic.


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I have tried unsuccessfully to download this video and would appreciate an idiots guide form anyone the least bit tech savvy.