Mark Warburton was sacked by Rangers

He routinely struggled to win 3 games in a row
Plan A was to win 2 games then lose the 3rd
He did a lot of good for us when he arrived, definitely brought standards up from the what they were under Ally (where Auchenhowie seemed to be more like a holiday resort than a training centre).

But he was also a master bullshitter who with his pal, did some really questionable deals, who talked the board into bringing Barton and then washed his hands of the whole affair the minute Barton did what Barton does, and who prioritised a style of play over results. The last one is just never going to work out at Rangers, any manager who’s more interested in playing a certain brand of football than actually winning should not be at our club.
TBF, if you were wrong in your first claim then I’m sure the poster will fact check your next claim :)

Listen, it could have been before the new year (I'm not looking for excuses) but we lost three last minute/late goals in three consecutive games.

I'm pretty sure one was at Falkirk. Might even been the one that Falkirk got a penalty for a tackle six feet outside the box.

I'm not too historian on this bleak period.
I cannot believe some of the defensive feck-ups we had with Davie Weir as his number 2. You would have thought that if Weir/Warburton could have got something right it would have been a reputable centre-back pairing.
Remember the Friday night statement on the site that was so nonsensical and grammar-free, we all assumed it’d been hacked?

Warburton was clearly angling for a move, and the club clearly had no idea how to deal with it properly. No winners, really.

Warburton did what he was tasked with and took us as far as he could. An important role in our recovery.
The statements we hit out with under King were a riddy by and large
However it might have ended up under Warburton, the football we watched under him in 2015/16 was a breath of fresh air after the turgid pish under McCoist and McDowall.
Had to reply because I absolutely hated the way we played under Warburton!

One dimensional, possession for possessions sake and the worst I've ever seen us defending set plays.

I was genuinely terrified about every corner, long throw or free kick into our box.

To cut him some slack the players he had to work with weren't the best but I'm so happy to have Clement now!
He was flashing his knickers at clubs down south pretty much from the start with us, and the board handled the resignation / sacking like a bowling club committee on smack.

Nobody came out smelling of roses.

All ancient history hopefully.
there were always two schools of thought on how he left, some said he buggered off to Forrest, some said he was sacked, well hear it from the man himself, whatever you may think of him, he did bring Tav here, so keep that in mind

He was 'sacked' in a similar way to Souness I guess. Both had eyes and minds on another job and the club rightly took the initiative in deciding they should leave sooner rather than later. Souness's move to Liverpool was maybe more advanced than Warburton's, but the principle is the same. I bear no ill will toward Warburton. He was the right man to get us out the Championship, but that was it. He came at the right time and left at the right time.
As much as I liked the way we played under Warburton in that first season, beating Celtic then throwing away a lead in the final with 10 mins to go proved he wasn’t cut out for the job.

His admission that he couldn’t believe the fans having banners on the first league game against Hamilton saying going for 56 again proved he wasn’t the man and was probably the reason he was flirting with Forrest before getting found out. We did the right thing and punting him though. 100 percent.
We certainly did the right thing in sacking him, but when he took off our centre midfielder in the cup final that handed Hibs the trophy,
Mental decision!!

He deserved the sack for that decision alone!
His problem was he had an approach he wouldn’t deviate from. Plan B is to do Plan A better.
He wanted to play a style he didn’t have player capable of playing not could we afford that type of player.
I agree , he knew how he wanted to play but he couldn’t see it through. I remember he didn’t like corners and would instruct the players to take it short. Which was fine as a variation but not every time.
We certainly did the right thing in sacking him, but when he took off our centre midfielder in the cup final that handed Hibs the trophy,
Mental decision!!

He deserved the sack for that decision alone!
It was mental that he subbed Zelalem that day!o_O
When is this snake going to stop using our name for publicity. He went looking for a job at forest and got a job at forest. End of.
P.s. thanks for Tav, ya thick cut loaf
Flashed his knickers at every English club that smiled at him, couldn’t handle the pressure and demands at Rangers
Neither us nor Warburton come out well in that scenario for me. He wanted out and we wanted him gone. We both should have been open and honest about how it ended. The Comms on it were all a bit weird.

For me I wish the guy no harm. He was part of the journey back and I loved watching the football in the promotion season. It was little wonder given where we were back then financially and squad wise that we couldn’t compete as we do now.

I can sort of understand what he meant about the expectation of the fans that we would win titles immediately once back. It was always going to take time. That said you compare Warburton to Gerrard or Clement in terms of winning mentality and relentlessness and it’s night and day. He wasn’t answer for the long term but served his purpose

Time to move on
How’s his legal case against the club coming along?

The very definition of a snake oil salesman, and to be fair he had me going for a long time.

Didn’t he very silently drop that back in 2017 or 2018, he didn’t have a case as his agent had left a massive trail of evidence of them discussing Fulham, Spurs and Forrest as possible clubs he could jump to and his agent had sent a resignation of sorts to the club.
Agreed on this bit, even the bit-part coaches in that league had him sussed by the 2nd time we played every team.

Plan B is to do Plan A better still sends shivers down my spine.
He talked the talk, and FF could have held a gurning competition on here of how much everyone was in love with him. Magic hat, weeping he'll be the next Spurs Manager, "I could listen to him all day" baulk inducing teenage fanclub stuff.

IMO, after years of McCoist, McDowell etc. he put us back on the map, made some good signings for the league and got us back into the SPL. The SPL, limited budget and some poor signings suggested he'd taken us as far as he could. It didn't work out, but no shame in that.
He was f**king about behind our back and got his bluff called.
IIRC He got told he wasn’t going to be supported in the transfer window. Consensus being they the board didn’t trust him. He then went looking for options. Most folk would do the same.
Warburton was great up until he disappeared up his own arse and that happened during the Championship season, we got worse during that season.

He couldn't stay off his own hype train, constantly on the Talk Sport, Sky Sports News.

The window after he won promotion, it just felt like he made signings to boost his profile rather than players who married with his actual ideas of football
I always thought he never settled with Rangers, was an outsider and after that final his career was toast…
He seems to come up every couple of months on a podcast just saying the same shite over and over.
He was the ideal man for us at that particular time, got us playing good football again, gave us one of the most memorable old firm victories ever, and bought us a club legend as well, but ultimately not good enough to get us back to the top where we needed to be.

He left on a bit of a sour note but I don’t harbour any ill feelings towards him.
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I liked him but didn't like the circumstances he left in. The club did the right thing in getting rid.
He oversaw the worst transfer window I can ever recall. Something like 12 or more players in and every single one a dud, in tow with the Best In The Business. Even Beale and Caixinha got some right. I know he was given a small budget but that was sacking material right there.
To be fair, I think he was given about £2.5m to spend in the whole time he was with us.

Caixinha spent more than that on Pena.
I think he didn’t intend (or expect) to resign, but his agent sent the club an ambiguously worded email requesting settlement terms for them going to Forest, which the club took advantage of to ‘accept’ the resignation. That’s why there was no dismissal case.
I cannot believe some of the defensive feck-ups we had with Davie Weir as his number 2. You would have thought that if Weir/Warburton could have got something right it would have been a reputable centre-back pairing.
Exactly. His teams couldn't keep weans out of a close. Dreadful defensively
We played great football under him in the Championship. I can never get my head round why we didn't back him financially when we were promoted. Then gave Caixinha a fortune. As much as things ended badly with Warbs I can't help but wonder how it would have worked out if we'd actually given him a decent budget.
Gave us a decent thing to watch on the pitch, got us back up to the prem, and he will be the only manager in history to win an OF with a lower division club. Was never gonna end well with Kiernan and Senderos at the back, or Barton “running” the midfield. Lost us a cup final also that he should’ve been lifting - that would’ve probably kept the peg from shoogling around the time he was looking for another job. He wanted out, he got out, man needs to move on.

Offered his resignation after the Cup Final didn't he?
Say what you like about Dave King but he saw through Warburton, his entourage and his magic hat.

Another of life's talkers. Remember when he implied that Andre Gray was a world class striker after Burnley beat us in a friendly.

Knew he was a chancer when he criticised big Jock's training methods at Leicester City.
It wasn't DK that caught him out