Marseille beaten 2-1 by Accrington Stanley as they prepare for Gers

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André Villas-Boas: " It's a bit difficult to accept the result, we have grilled opportunities in the first half and we made mistakes in the possession, which against English teams who play a direct game It's getting more difficult Objectively, I'm happy with the guys, because we've had double sessions until this game, and for the Rangers on Sunday, we're going to do some recovery to play this match of intensity higher, because the Rangers will be at the end of the preparation, I felt the players a little tired in the match, with the sadness of suffering two goals in the first half, we lost a bit of confidence for We have accelerated the game a little bit after the goal, but we have taken two goals and we have to do better. "On the physical side, that's good, the internationals only started again four days ago We played better the other day against Skoke, but today it was not good in the com combinations, but on a purely physical level . "

4-3-3 will be your preferential scheme this season?

AVB: " We're going to test a little bit, I think the boys are in this system, we've been talking to the trainers about keeping this system until the game against the Rangers." In the end, the important thing is to find the the fairest way to use the quality of players.We will continue to test different things to be able to get the most out of the players.With the 4-3-3 against Stoke, we were happy with the evolution of the system. With fatigue and loss of confidence, we did not do the combinations we had repeated in training, we will resume the more intense work, then we recover for the Rangers . "