Martin Tyler, no friend of Rangers or now Liverpool


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To me adding ‘as well’ at the end clearly shows that he meant Hillsborough and hooliganism were two separate issues affecting football in the pre-EPL era.

If he had said: ‘You’ve got to to remember football was in a crisis at the time, we weren’t that long after Hillsborough and other hooligan related issues’ then I’d agree that he was linking Hillsborough to fan violence but saying: ‘…and other hooligan related issues as well’ clearly marks a separate comparison.

On a related note I just wish Rangers fans were as reactionary as Liverpool fans when it came to picking up on misinformation about the Ibrox disaster. The Guardian printed an article by someone called John Hodgman which not only contains all sorts of irrelevant rubbish about religion, he also repeats the canard that the crush was caused by fans rushing back after Rangers equalised.

I appreciate your interpretation is probably what he actually meant but saying well certainly can be taken the other way..

If I said "I went to the game and other people came as well," that reads like we all did the same thing.


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His commentary is legendary and iconic,maybe he did get his words mixed up how are we to know what.goes.on in his head


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Also an absolutely brutal commentator and has been for 50 years.
His stupid "and it's live" shite boils my piss :D

The day I actually started to despise him was that when he was commentating on that Martin Braithwaite.

He constantly called him Branthwaite and hit out with "that's actually how you say it as his name was written wrong on his birth lines"


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Preferred his sister Bonnie anyway


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Started his "and it's live" catch phrase a few years ago. Cringe every time I hear it. I dislike him on skysports but not as much as those two boots Rigby and Burley on skynews.


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That seems pretty clear he's including Hillsborough as a hooligan event, baffled at people not seeing it that way.

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Why would he say it? He would know that it would invite a shitstorm. It’s clear to me it was a mistake and he didn’t mean it. Absolutely sick of desperate attempts these days to generate controversy and outrage from fck all for no reason.


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Was a good commentator in the 90s, but his decline started when he undersold Gerrard’s winner v Olympiakos.

He is beyond parody now when commentating on City games.

I think a problem Sky have is that they don’t have a strong, lead commentator - and haven't for a while.

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He’s a boring commentator but his comments today were innocuous, albeit badly-phrased.

His quote: ‘You’ve got to to remember football was in a crisis at the time, we weren’t that long after Hillsborough and other hooligan related issues as well’

‘X and other (…) issues as well’ = he thinks hooliganism is a different issue to Hillsborough.

He’s a shite commentator but he’s innocent here IMO.
The difference is a pair of commas.

"Other hooligan related issues...." and "Other, hooligan related, issues..." mean exactly the opposite of each other in this case!

Who knows which he meant.


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Seems like Tyler’s age is an issue with all the old comments. He was outstanding with Andy Gray particularly when old firm games were given super Sunday status and the iconic Aguero moment. I would rather listen to him than Sam ‘ I love myself ‘ Matteface


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He's well past his retirement date and can't hide his hatred of Liverpool.

He was on the Community Shield last week and you would have thought there was a death in his family when Liverpool were awarded a penalty. After grudgingly accepting that the award was correct, all he could talk about was how many penalties Mo Salah has missed.

I'm not sure on the Hillsborough comment, but he's turned into a terrible commentator.