Maya Jama is a bluenose.


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Here's the full photo in all its glory

Swedish/Somali, I f**king love multi-culturalism.


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The Daily Rhetard not got this on their front page yet?
I’m sure if it was the other way about or an Alsatian.


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The mentality of that lot is absolutely tragic

Simply can't handle a celeb in our top

We were supposed to be dead, etc

Thing is no one down south gives two shits about the pish they spew

Mentally ill in their own little echo chamber


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She's since tweeted saying she takes it back and 'wants to remain neutral' because of the hate she's getting for tweeting that.

Crazy how anything or anyone related to Rangers gets nothing but bile and hatred thrown at it.

The hatred in this country is off the scale.

She actually said "wants to remain mutual", believe it or not...

thornhill bear

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We all know that they can and do escalate their brand of support from twitter abuse to panning your windaes in and setting your car on fire and probably worse. I don’t blame her for ‘shitting’ it, particularly as she hasn’t got a clue about Scottish football.
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