Meanwhile in India...


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How the feck does he land these gigs? With the amount of sunbeds he has had maybe they thought he was a local boy!!
But the severance package is huge....


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A fucking bsldy chancer. Who's cock is he munching in this role.
He's riding the crest of a beautiful wave aboard a CV built on simply having done this shit.

Fair play to him.

Hope he writes a book some day. His time at Rangers would be interesting, I'm willing to bet.

Ardoyne RSC

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At least he won't need a paintbrush to top up his tan, but he'll need to lose the poofy scarf.

God (sorry Shiva) help the first guy to sing -'We'll guard old Dehli's walls' - a two year nan from all grounds.
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Say what you like about Bain, he’s never out of a job for long. Knows how to keep up an income stream.

They used to say that everybody gets promoted to one level beyond their capabilities. Bain has taken this to ridiculous proportions.