Meet Dougie - Rangers Charity Beautiful Video


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Think I've got something in my eye.

Lovely stuff. You could see what it meant to him. Beautiful.


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In bits at that. Courage to Dougie and well done to Rangers FC and the charity foundation for continually going above and beyond in these situations.


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Absolutely tremendous. What superb work the Charity do.

Will give Dougie the most amazing memories to see out his days. Great day for his son to remember his father by as well.

Well done to all involved.


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Well done rangers, a great day for the guy. Makes you proud to be part of such a great club whether a fan, staff or a player.

Brian Laudrup

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Not ashamed to admit it but tears streaming down my face,heartwarming and heartbreaking story at the same time.


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God bless Dougie.

Rangers were absolutely fantastic and gave Dougie a really unforgettable time. Mark Hately too..

just shows we really are the people.


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Shed a wee tear there.
What a wonderful gesture from Dougie's son and all at Ibrox who participated.


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Dougie and his family are obviously just so glad about this and many more of us will share this sense of happiness. Great that SG and the others recognised that it was important to encourage Dougie in this way.
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Stan the Man

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It's cetainly heart warming to see the club react like that giving a lifelong fan his dream day you could see just how much it meant to him and his son.He held up well though couldn't help thinking what I would be like meeting the manager and the full team I reckon I would've been a real mess. So Dougie keep the chin up mate fight it as much as you can and get as many positive moments with your family and of course with your team.


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Wow - that was a difficult watch in one way but great to see what the visit mean't to Dougie and his son.

Makes you realise the need to stop moaning about things in life and to live life to the full - I keep on thinking about the number of fans/friends who have sadly passed away over the last few years without seeing their team make it 55.

I pray I am spared to enjoy and celebrate that day when it arrives.


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Wiped a few tears away. Thanks for posting. All the best to Dougie and his family in the tough times ahead.


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Tears running down my cheeks for that brave, dignified man who simply wanted to meet his hero. We'll done to his loving son and of course to the Rangers.