Meet Dougie - Rangers Charity Beautiful Video


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Watching that has made my day about a million times better.

A lovely gesture by the club and all involved.

Keep fighting the good fight, Dougie.


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Superb again from Rangers.

Very touching video and heartbreaking to watch

All the very best Dougie Boyd and I hope you can fight the cancer and see us win 55


Captain Cutlass

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Don't mind admitting that I'm bubbling like a wee lassie watching that!
So happy for Dougie and so proud of everyone at Rangers for making this gentlemans day one to truly remember.
Lovely stuff!


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What a beautiful video that was ,sad but heart warming too.Credit to Kenny and to our great club for giving Dougie one of the best days of his life.Hope it gave him a massive boost,were all rooting for you Dougie.


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He looked a wee bit star struck with big Mark but he made him feel so at ease.


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Jeezo what an extraordinary video, what a courageous guy, magnificent from all at the club.

Really emotional watching that.

son of le guen

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Wishing Dougie all the best, could see how proud he was stating he forever will be a Rangers man. Superb from the club also

Blue 9

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To all the detractors
Your snide comments and hateful agenda shame you.
Keep yourself warm with your resolution 12
Delude each other with anyone but Celtic.
The truth is you will never be us
We haunt your every thought in the pathetic life you live.
That mans courage and his love for our team inspires me.
We are a family .
Dougie , a brave dignified bluenose .
All the very best Sir.


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Tears streaming down my face the minute he saw Hateley

Massive credit to his boy , I hope my boy thinks highly enough of me when he’s that age the way this lad does of his dad


Carson's Cat

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Cried my eyes out at that. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

My uncles just been diagnosed with cancer, he used to take me to Ibrox after my dad died, so it hit home hard.
Sorry to hear that. It's an absolute hell of a disease which takes people far too early. You are yer da's and uncle's legacy, though, and are a credit to both of them.

Luca Stroppi

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Great credit to the club for giving the gentleman a great day, it’s a tough watch that but nice to see the club recognising the situation of a fan and family and doing something really special.


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Sorry to hear that. It's an absolute hell of a disease which takes people far too early. You are yer da's and uncle's legacy, though, and are a credit to both of them.
I'm up this weekend to, hopefully, take my uncle to the game. No way I'm letting him leave this earth without one more trip to Ibrox


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Absolutely amazing video and not scared to admit I have tears streaming down my face.

What a guy Dougie is, 1 of us and a credit to his family. If he or anyone of them read FF, well done guys and we are all behind u.

Moments like this makes being a Bear proud beyond words, the club and charity going that wee bit further to make a courageous gentlemans dreams come true.

Well done to all who made this possible.


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Was with Dougie on Sunday doing the trophy room tour, meeting players old and new and getting hospitality in Argyle Suite. An absolute brilliant day, can not thank the Rangers charity enough for what they did for us. Made an auld ill man, his son, grandson and nephew, walk about with smiles on our faces for 4 days now. These people who work for the charity really dont get enough praise for the work they do.


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Well done to Dougie, Dougie's son and everyone at Rangers.

Dougie has lived the dream and deserved a special day out that he will never forget.

Best Wishes to you Dougie, your family and all the Rangers Family (the Daddy Bears, the Mummy Bears and all the wee Baby Bears).