Memories of Claudio Caniggia

Frankie and Ronnie

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That is my strongest memory of him. He was running riot in the first 20 minutes of that Cup Final, then Sutton hit him with a forearm smash which deserved a red card, but Dallas (not for the first time) bottled it.

That assault effectively put him out of the 2002 World Cup Finals, but there was some delicious karma served up around 4:46 pm that day, when it was Sutton who failed to track Lovenkrands as he ran in to head home the winner from Neil McCann's cross.

I remember it well. He was on the edge of the Argentinian team, if not already selected, and this put him out through injury. Used to see him around the West End. Classy player.


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Was in the same lift as him in 90 when Argentina played Scotland at Hampden, think we won 1-0. My sister got married that day and stayed in the same hotel as the Argies.


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Getting booted all over the park by the Cameroonians at the World Cup.

Being utterly amazed that he ended up playing for Dundee.

Surprised that he was still as good when we signed him.
I worked in Dundee in the early 2000's and his signed picture was up in a lot of pubs even then. I think The Club Bar still have one up just now.


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His current missus
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my dad used to chat with him and his Mrs at the gym now and again. Always remarked that he was incredibly fit and toned,.


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Signed from Dundee fc for £900k in June 2001 at the ripe old age of 34.

50 appearances for the club scoring 13 goals. (I think)

International pedigree, scoring in the 2003 league cup final v Celtic and the final league day of 2003 V Dunfermline.

What was your first thoughts when we signed him? Did he exceed your expectations?

Any bears have any good stories regarding meeting him or being in his company?
running the tims ragged in the league cup final


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Absolutely brilliant player. He exceeded my expectations by a mile. I thought he'd be winding down, but he oozed class.


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Brilliant, they way he would pick the ball up and run at people with that awkward gait he had.
He was dynamite and we could have got a year or even more out of him.


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What a player he was. Wish we had him earlier than we did and should have been given a new deal. Always remember thinking he looked closer to 44 than 34


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The story of him leaving I thought was McLeish that was told to choose between him or Mols, might be wrong.

My first thought was, what are we spending that money on this guy, he’s ancient. To be fair he turned out to be very good for us. Him making Lennon look like he could run backwards is a favourite memory of mine.


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Incredible player for us, couldnt believe McLeish didnt give him another year. He was the best super sub we ever had. You could see the terror in the oppositions eyes when he came on for the last half hour :D


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Am I right in thinking he seemed to stay living in Scotland after playing for us for at least a while?